Portland 'the pearl' of Jamaica

Portland the 'pearl' of Jamaica...

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Found on the Northeast coast of Jamaica, Portland contains a large part of the world renowned Blue Mountains.  It's located in the rural part of the island, nestled between St. Thomas and St. Mary.  The capital of Portland is Port Antonio.  This parish has the most rainfall on the island.  Some say it rains there everyday.  There are numerous natural attractions which include: 
fourteen caves, seventeen rivers, and some of the most beautiful beaches on 
the island.

What are some of the attractions in Portland?

  • The Maroon Towns (Moore Town & Charles Town)
  • Boston Jerk Centre
  • Frenchman's Cove Beach
  • Winnifred Beach
  • Boston Beach
  • Dragon Bay
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Rafting on the Rio Grande
  • Trident Villas & Hotel
  • Mocking Bird Hill
  • Goblin Hill Hotel
  • Jamaica Palace
  • Fern Hill Club
  • Buff Bay    

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The movie ' The Harder They Come' featuring Tom Cruise was also filmed on this part of the island.  Portland is popular for it's flawless and continuous unblocked beachfront views.  If you ever just want to get away from all of the bustle where you can 'hear yourself think' this is a great place to be.  The eco-tourism is amazing! The air is fresh and clean, there's lots of flora and fauna, and the world is a delightful stage to create your next new project mentally.  This is truly a slice of heaven.  

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