Midtown East Manhattan - the 'One Stop Hub' for everyone in New York City!

Midtown East Manhattan is always awake - the 'One Stop Hub' for everyone in New York City!

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The thing about New York City is that there's a place for everyone; and you could waste a lot of time if you're 'out of place'.  For instance:  do not try to walk through midtown Manhattan (especially during rush hour) between 5th Avenue and Broadway from 34th Street to 50th when you're crunched for time.  It's always filled with people who are going nowhere in a hurry.  The population gets more dense as you move towards Broadway.  Beware!

Midtown, this is a part of the city that never sleeps.  A number of the biggest transportation hubs are located here.  On one end you have the Grand Central Station, in the middle there's Times Square and on the other end you have the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Plus there's Madison Square Gardens and Penn Station around the corner.  

What's special about Midtown East Manhattan?

If you're working late, or just getting in from the airport, you're not the only one waiting at the station, or just checking in.  Midtown East Manhattan is one of the busiest spots in NYC  for several reasons which include:

  • The Grand Central Station
  • It's a major hub for 'out-of-towners'.  A lot of New Yorkers live 'up North' in the suburbs and their main form of transportation is the Metro-North train service. This runs through the Grand Central Station.
  • All trains run through 42nd Street. The regular subway trains as well as a shuttle service which runs along the 42nd Street from east to west is also located in the Grand Central Station.
  • New York Transit Museum
  • Underground Restaurants especially useful in the Winter while you wait to board your train
  • Underground tunnel which runs from 47th Street back to 42nd for easy commute for New Yorkers to the Grand Central Station
  • Multiple shops and restaurants above ground
  • Apple Store
  •  Pershing Square
  • Cipriani Restaurant
  • Chrysler Building
  • Hyatt Hotel is right next to the Grand Central Station
  • The United Nations Headquarters

Most of the world renowned hotels are located on this side of the city. It's the 'International Business side' of the city.  A lot of showcasing occurs here.  It's not as noisy as the west side; and people on this side mean business.  All of midtown is known for residential high rise buildings.  Living on the eastside of midtown is normally less expensive than living on the westside, but hotel accommodations are not. 

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