The Real Estate Market is getting ready to change directions...

The Real Estate Market is getting ready to change directions...

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The Real Estate market is getting ready to change.  If you're looking to but, pretty soon it will be in your favor.  Wait for it! If today is in anyway affected by history, then market trends are the same. Life is about patterns and cycles. 'The more things change is the more they remain the same.' But don't take my word for it. Check the statistics. The one who owns the land, owns the wealth of the land. The question is, are you ready for ownership? The Real Estate Market is about to change directions. Are you ready to benefit? Here are some basic tips:
  1. If you have bad credit, fix it. Begin to work on your credit. You want to get the most points in the shortest period of time. This will boost your level of qualification.
  2. Do not buy any 'big ticket' items just now. Just hold off on buying that car/ yacht a little longer. If you plan to buy Real Estate you will need reserves. The more cash you have, the better your leverage.
  3. You can buy for primary residence, or you can buy as an investment. Don't worry about tenants. Hire someone to deal with that. What's important is that you'll have a new source of income or a few.
  4. Hang on to your equity. If you don't need to sell it just yet, wait. Use it as leverage.
  5. Get expert advice. Do your research and compare the different analyses. Review at least three different EXPERT sources. After all, it's the information age. Use it!
Who says retirement has to be when you're old. Be wise! Investments today, mean early retirement with a secure source of passive income tomorrow. Well, that's a given in Real Estate! Now is an opportunity to own your own home. Even if you buy for primary residence, you can plan for tenancy for the first few years. And if you buy for investment purposes, hire an expert to help you manage and maintain it. Make a plan and stick to it. This is a clear path to financial freedom. It's a win-win! 

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