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Here’s the real truth. The one who owns the land, owns the power. It doesn’t matter what location or jurisdiction. Here’s a better truth – Real Estate will always be valuable. The earth isn’t growing any bigger, and with time, more and more people are being born. Everybody needs somewhere to call home.

Hmmmm….Real Estate is arguably a scarce commodity in some parts of the world. You can always capitalize on real estate whether or not you live there. It’s just a matter of whether or not you want to play in the game. The world is such a big and beautiful place. Whether or not you own, you should always take care of it, or find someone who does. Let us help you find somewhere to put your name tag or help you transfer your tag to someone else!

Destination Jamaica

* 'SMART' Gated Community with PANORAMIC Views - Fully Loaded, Infinity Pool - New Kingston Area in Kingston Jamaica.
* Perfect Beachfront Investment Opportunity in St. Anns, JAMAICA...
* INVESTMENT Mansion For Sale in Hope Castle St. Anns JAMAICA W.I.
* Gated community 1/2 acre Duplex Mansion Hope Castle JA. USD$300,000.00.
* Mansion for sale in Mandeville, Jamaica W.I…. USD$295,000.00
* INCROYABLE 12BD 14BTH Mansion in Stony Hills JAMAICA, W.I. - USD$1.2million dollars
* LUXURY 3BD 3 1/2BTH for JAD$54,000,000.00 and 2BD 2 1/2BTH for JAD$49,000,000.00 in Liguanea, Kingston JA.
* HUGE LUXURY Apartment with Panoramic Views - Jamaican Condo 2bd 2 1/2bth in Cherry Gardens, JA., W.I. for $45,000,000.00
* LUXURY Apartment FOR SALE in Jacks Hill, JAMAICA, W.I. - over 2000sf 2BD 2BTH/ 3BD 3BTH in Gated-Community

*Duplex Penthouse 3BD 3 1/2BTH Apartment For SALE - Russell Heights JAMAICA W.I.
Luxury 1BD 1 1/2BTH Apartment FOR SALE at Drumblair - Kingston JAMAICA W.I. for JAD$17 Million
*BRAND NEW Extravagant 1/2/3BD Apartments FOR SALE in Barbican, Kgn. 8 - Jamaica, W.I.

*Luxury 1/2/3BD Apartments FOR SALE in Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I. loaded with amenities...
*PERFECTLY Located Luxury 1/2/3BD Condo Apartments at Fairway - Kingston JAMAICA W.I.

* LUXURY Rental Apartment in Liguanea Kingston JA., W.I. USD$3,000

HOTSPOTS - When you go you know!

* Emancipation Park - the resilience and strength of a people!
* Portland 'the pearl' of Jamaica
* Half-Way-Tree Square
Island Village Plaza in Ocho Rios St. Anns, Jamaica, W.I..

St. William Grant Park in downtown Kingston Jamaica..

Devon House in Kingston , a Popular Jamaican Attraction..

The Hope Gardens of Jamaica..

Confidential/ Complimentary/ Consultation  REAL ESTATE ADVICE AVAILABLE

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