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              FREE HELP for Residents in the BRONX

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● Neighbourhood Development Areas NDA (NE Bronx - District #12) Contact: 2 Lafayette St., NY, NY 10007 (t)212-442-6499/ 646-343-6499 Services: Community Service Block Grant CSBG/ Community Needs Assessment/ Public Hearing/ Adult Literacy/ Housing Services/ Immigrant Services/Educational Support/ Healthy Families/ Senior Services/ Youth Supported Work Services

● Neighborhood Housing Services NHS Contact: NHS North Bronx, 1451 GunHill Rd., Bronx, NY 10469 (t)718-881-1180 Services: FREE Down Payment Grant $$$$ up to $80,000.00/ Home Buyers Club/ Fast Track Course/ First Time Homebuyers Orientation/ No Prepayment Penalties/ Construction Oversight/ Home Repair Funds/ Affordable Low Interest Rate Loans

● West Bronx Housing Contact:
Ms. Cook (a)2930 Wallace Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467 (t)718-652-5500 Services: Landlord tenant disputes/ Eviction Prevention/ Repair Issues/ Section 8/ HRA/ Leases

● Civil Legal Services (Mobile help) NYLAG Contact:
Office of CM Andy King, 940 E GunHill Rd., Bronx, NY (t)718-684-5509 Services: Housing (Tenant Only)/ Public Benefits/ Disability Benefits/ Healthcare Benefits/ Identity Theft/ Debt Management/ Consumer Credit/ Immigration/ Domestic Violence/ Divorce/ Custody/ Employment/ Advanced Planning

● Bronx Legal Services NYC Contact: 349 E 149th Street, 10th floor, Bronx, NY 10451 (t)718-841-7001 Services: Foreclosure Prevention/ Legal Process/ Modification Process/ Grants & Loans/ Achieving Affordability/ Investigating Predatory Lending & Lending Discrimination/ Tax & Water Lien Foreclosures 

● Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence B.R.A.G. Contact: D.Caba-Dir., 4011 Bronxwood Ave., Bronx, NY 10466 (t)347-920-4102 Services: Juvenile Justice/ Civil Services/ Police Athletic League/ Job Training & Placement/ GED/TASC/ Family Counseling/ Addiction/ Mental Health


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