BX NHS Homebuyer Approval Process Information


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BX NHS Homebuyer Approval Process Information 

Setup an appointment with an Housing Agent at the NHS office. Then make sure to get professional Real Estate advice before you begin the process. Make an appointment with Ingrid the Real Estate Agent at CRA # 917-946-8740 before you seek pre-approval from your bank of choice. The following will help to secure and or speed up the process for your obtaining 'free money' towards your home purchase. 

Credit Score 

● Approximately 620 and above (some banks take 580)

● NHS FREE Credit Counselling (Mon/Tues/ Thurs 9am - 1pm) 


Down Payment 

● Approx. 3% of selling price for homes FHA (eg. $9000.00 for $300k) 

● Approx. 10% - 20% of selling price for Co-op/ Condo (eg. $15,000 for $500k) 



● NHS - up to $40,000.00 (income requirements apply) 

● Homebuyer Dream Program HDP - up to$15,000.00 (d/p $14.5k;c/c $0.5k) 

● SONYMA Remodel (have on record no late payments for 24 months) 

● Individual Banks vary (see checklist and apply) 


Documents Required for Grant Approval:(for all applicants) 

     ● State ID                           ● Birth Certificate 

● Social Security Card                   ● 1 Employment Letter 

● 4 Pay stubs                       ● 2 years Tax Returns and Tax Transcript 

● 2 years W2 Forms                   ● 3 months Bank Statements 

● Child support (proof if applicable)  ● Notarized letter of unemployment (if applicable) 


NB: Please copy and complete the application form found at bronxnhs.org prior to your appointment for grant approval.



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