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Gramercy Park in 2007

“The Gramercy Park Historic District, roughly East 18th to East 21st Streets between Park Avenue South and Third Avenue is an easy stroll. The park itself is the centerpiece of the district of tree-shaded streets lined with a variety of 19th century residences, from 1840s rowhouses and brownstones to Victorian Era Queen Annes and neo-Gothics. Irving Place, which bisects the district offers small shops, a few galleries, and restaurants.”
Gramercy is an archaic English word meaning “many thanks.  The area which is now Gramercy Park was once in the middle of a swamp, which was developed for residential purposes.  The Park is found in the middle of the neighborhood.  Some refer to it as an oasis.  It is a place to retreat, relax and re-energize; often always a quiet place.  It is the only private park in the city, and one of two private parks found in the state. As a private park, Gramercy Park is held in common by the owners of the 39 surrounding structures, as it has been since December 31, 1831. Two keys are allocated to each of the original lots surrounding the park, and the owners may buy keys for a fee. At one time, the park was open to the public on Gramercy Day – which changed yearly, but was often the first Saturday in May. The park, however, continues to be open to the public on Christmas Eve.

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The neighborhood, which is called either “Gramercy Park” or “Gramercy”, is generally considered to be a quiet, safe and stable real estate area. The apartments in the neighborhood around Gramercy Park have experienced little change in comparison to the rest of the city. There is a wide array of architecture and pristine aesthetic. Over the years it has maintained its status as fashionable residential blocks reminiscent of London’s West End; which in the early 20th century built a small group of New York apartment houses here planned for single men in the neighborhood.  While high-rise buildings tower in relays in other areas, Gramercy might be the most virgin neighborhood that maintains its original appearance and noiseless bustle.  Thanks to a park which breaks up the streets and creates the  ‘dead-end’ (between Lexington Avenue and Irving Place) allowing for more aesthetic pleasures of birds chirping and the ability to hear one’s own thoughts.  I wonder how much longer this will hold true?  Can you guess?
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