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Dear Neighbor,

I hope this Spring has brought new, fresh opportunities to your doorstep thus far, like the bright buds popping up all over the city. The leaves are coming out again! And ‘stimulus’ is still in play. Interest rates remain at their lowest ever. So buying now will give you a great payment package. However, in NY bidding wars persist and are going as far as $50,000.00 above asking, especially in the ‘suburbs’. Thanks to Covid-19 everybody’s looking for yard space and home offices. Sellers are having their cake and eating it. But let’s see for how much longer. The government cushion will soon ‘fall out’, and we want you to be ready for that market. Foreclosures are on the horizon and we want you to cash in too. Collaborate with your family, friends, business partners, etc… and own a piece of our BIG APPLE. Invest!

 I’m excited to share one of the successful projects (happening in our neck of the woods) which we’ve been trying to get you to partner with us on ‘owning the block’. This is Reverend Paul Peart - the Senior Pastor at New Testament Temple Church of God in the North East Bronx; and they are expanding their current real estate to not only increase their place of worship but create new residential and commercial spaces for the community.

It starts with a vision….

Anyone can do it, especially you! It doesn’t have to be on ‘this’ grand scale as the church. Afterall, this is New York. You only need a dream. The boundary lines are far and inbetween; and in many places erased here. This is your chance to acquire ‘another’ source of income you won’t regret.

*  Transform a one family into a multi- unit.
*  Borrow against your equity already available in owned property and invest.
*  Change your rental payments into mortgage payments. It basically costs the same.
*  Obtain a foreclosure or let us help you with yours, so you don’t have to lose it.
*  We can help you to figure it out.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan rental prices continue to remain historically low. If you're looking for a rental deal, now is the time! It’s a crazy season of uncommon conversions of offices to housing, hotels to housing, and hotels turning into offices. How much longer, we’re not so sure. What’s currently happening in the city as well as everywhere-else is a first. Covid-19 has changed our world forever completely. Everyone wants to get outdoors or more access to ‘controlled outdoors’ hence the rise in demand for houses. Nevertheless, sales prices in New York City may be the toughest yet. They trend upwards, not the opposite.

Talk to us. If you have questions do not hesitate to give us a call. Let us connect you to the resources in our community. Opportunities exist all over NYC. It’s time for you to take advantage of them.

Confidential/ Complimentary/ Consultation  REAL ESTATE ADVICE AVAILABLE

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