FALL UPDATE 2020....


Hey Neighbor,

Good day!  Finally we’re in the final lap of the year 2020 and the start of the ‘happiest season’ of the year.   I hope you’ve begun to experience some of the joy this season of festivity normally brings.  

COVID-19 has been giving us a ‘roller-coaster’ ride this year.  Just recently, the nationational cases have risen remarkably and the Governor has re-issued new guidelines.  Well, look on the bright side we woke up this morning,  Please do continue to adhere to the guidelines.  2021 is a year of promise. Interest rates are still at a high time low, and sellers are currently trying to capitalize on the market.  However, a crash for market prices is definitely on the horizon.  The government has been doing a good job in stalling the fall thus far. But as soon as they remove their cushion, it’s gonna be a bad day for most.  

Buyers and investors - I’d say get on your marks.   2021 is definitely going to be different and more favourable.  Increase in migration from major cities to the rural areas, delinquency in mortgage payments and the ‘runout’ of forbearance is about to strike the market drastically. Foreclosures are set to flood the market in a few months.  If you’re a homeowner ask your lender about HELOC.  Get yourself a HELOC to help cushion your payment structure.  Do continue to ‘social-distance’ and be safe! As we move forward it’s important to remember that we’re still in this together. 

This is an update regarding what's new and happening in your neck of the woods mostly in Real Estate.  Do share with your friends, family and community boards. We also do FREE presentations.  We're in the educating business.  We want you to own the block with us.  Whenever you're ready to start searching let me know so that I can add you to the list of the 'current marketplace' in your neck of the woods.

My goal this year is #2020 - to help at least 20 renters own their own homes. We offer free credit repair and grant money towards down payments and closing costs. That could be as much as $80,000 free. I say go for it! After all, rental rates are equal to mortgage rates these days. 


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