Use your Financial Statement to invest not your credit....

 Use your Financial Statement to invest not your credit.... 


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Real Estate is one sure way to secure financial freedom.  It should be bought for the profits and not just for return on investments.  It is always better to invest from a business standpoint than from a personal setting.  For the almost 6000 tax lax laws written, approximately 5000 are in favor of businesses. As a Business Owner everything can be expensed out 100%.  


Reduce your taxes and increase your income.  Use your Financial Statement to invest not your credit.  It is more feasible to invest in commercial properties rather than residential, and let the profits pay all expenses and relieve you of the personal hassle and stress associated.  Commercial Loans are based on the Income the property produces and this will substantiate the deal.  It never depends on your credit score.


Do you know what is HELOC in Real Estate?


HELOC - Home Equity Line Of Credit

When you own a home it is important to get a ‘heloc’ in order to avoid losing your house to a lawsuit.  The benefits include:

  • Asset Protection

  • Capital for a Business

  • Capital for REI (return on investments)

  • Personal and Business Credit Lines

  • Liquidated securities and investments

  • Retirement Accounts, self-directed IRAs

If you choose to invest in residential property, make sure to apply the laws of 'heloc'. Ask your lender or financial advisor about it. Always seek for ways to profit no matter how small. You’ll never go broke making a profit.  Do your research.  Look at what the experts are doing and get involved based on expert advice. Cover your assets through business rather than as an individual.

NB:  Own nothing but control everything.


Confidential/ Complimentary/ Consultation  REAL ESTATE ADVICE AVAILABLE

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