The Road to Selling....

The Road to Selling....

For ALL your Real Estate needs, and then some…
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When you are sure that you're ready to sell your property it may be an emotional decision.  Because you might be somehow attached to the property your judgements could be somewhat biased.  It is important to seek professional advice that is in no way tied to the property in order to deduce an objective and rational game plan for your successful transition and timely sale.

Start with....

1. DETERMINE: Your real estate agent should determine the current value of your home in the current market.  He/she should have sufficient knowledge to price your property for the best sale price possible given all the factors.
2. PREPARE: Your real estate agent should prepare your personalized marketing campaign i.e. how he/she will market your property to the public. 
3. STAGE AND PHOTOS: It's an asset to stage the property in order to stand out from the competition. Professional photography tends to make a big difference.
4. GATHER DOCUMENTS: Taxes, certificate of occupancy, survey and several other pertinent information are needed for the sale.
5. LAUNCH & LIST: Your listing is launched by your real estate agent on the MLS - multi-listing services, national & local real estate websites.
6. SHOWTIME: Start showing home & host an open house. It is advisable to be absent from the open house.  Real Estate agents are trained to give neutral responses.  You emotions might get in the way of the a client's decision.
7.  NEGOTIATE: Your agent professionally manages offers & terms to obtain maximum value.  Potential clients submit offers.  This is the time you respond based on your preferences and the facts.
8. ACCEPT OFFER:  You select which offers you're interested in. Then you choose one, accept it from a qualified buyer in writing.
9.  INSPECTIONS: Schedule home & termite inspections.
10. CONTRACT OF SALE: Execute contract of sale with attorney.The Seller's attorney sends a copy of the contract to the buyer's attorney to confirm the details.
11. MORTGAGE COMMITMENT: Your attorney receives buyer's mortgage Commitment Letter from their lender(45 - 60 days).
12. TITLE SEARCH: Buyer's attorney orders title search.
13. FINAL WALK THROUGH: Scheduled 24-48 hours prior to closing. The buyer takes a final look at the property before the closing.

14. SOLD: The documents are signed by all parties involved, cash and keys are transferred.

Confidential/ Complimentary/ Consultation  REAL ESTATE ADVICE AVAILABLE

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