New York City Grand Central Station - The Largest Railraod Station Worldwide!

New York City Grand Central Station - The Largest Railraod Station Worldwide!

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This building lives up to its name. It is grand, it is central(ly) located and it has all the basic amenities to hold you over - food court, restrooms, stores, entertainment, transportation, art and lots of security.  
If you need somewhere warm and safe to be 24/7 any hour of the day, any season without interference, i.e. 'as long as you can stand the noise around you', this is your spot.  It's never slow here, even at nights the clock keeps ticking for the next arrival.

A brief history....

The Grand Central Station was built in 1913.  It is located in midtown east Manhattan on 42nd Street.  It's the 2nd busiest station in New York behind Penn Station.  It covers over 48 acres of land which includes 44 platforms and 67 underground tracks. It is the largest railroad station in the world.  It serves approximately 67 million passengers annually, and primarily services corporate New York from the 'northern hemisphere'.  The railway is known as the Metro North.  Cabs and buses connect local commuting on the outside and subway trains connect them on the inside.  

Grand Central Station NYC Manhattan is one of the biggest Transportation Centers and Attractions

The Real property....


There are four underground tunnels that allows commuters to walk in between the station building with exits on 45th, 46th, 47th and 48th street.  The building runs from 42nd to 44th street, between Lexington Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue.  There's a huge post office at the location.There are two primary levels with an information bureau on both:
1. The Main Concourse - this is often used as a meeting place; and is where the ticketing booths are located.  The Apple Store and the Cipriani restaurants are located on the interior mezzanine levels.
2. The Lower Concourse - is the dinning concourse

The Grand Central Station is one of the most incroyable landmarks in the country.  It's beauty is breath-taking. Some of the attractions there are:
  • The Apple Store
  • Cipriani Restaurant
  • The four-Faced Clock
  • The New York Transit Museum
  • The Library
  • The Campbell Palm Court
  • MTA Arts & Design
  • Vanderbilt Hall
  • The Biltmore Room
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant
If you're ever in town, make sure to put this on your places to go list.
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