The Financial District of NYC...

The Financial District of NYC...

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Northern Boundary - Barclay Street &Brooklyn Bridge
Southern Boundary - South Street
Western Boundary - Westside Highway
Eastern Boundary - East River

The most popular business district in the world is the New York City Financial District.  It is largely a high-rise building business community that goes dead at night. It is headquarters to a number of global offices, financial institutions and renowned landmarks.  These include:
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of  New York
  • The Federal National Hall Memorial
  • One World Trade Center
  • 9/11 Memorial Center
  • South Street Seaport
  • Wall Street
  • Bowling Green
  • The Bull Ring
  • Trinity Church
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • The New York Police Museum
  • The Museum of Jewish Heritage

The FiDi Manhattan - Bull Ring downtown NYC - Tourist Attraction!

The financial district is all about doormen buildings with multiple amenities and a 'nice' price tag.  Residents normally head to the village or midtown for entertainment.  More recently, the community board has developed and instituted residential plans to make the area more 'sociable'.  High rise residential buildings now offer complimentary breakfast as a perk to attract new residents to the area; and supermarkets and a theater are a few things 'on the table'.  It is a very popular tourist destination.  The narrow streets are full and noisy during the daytime.  Thanks to the seaport, the nights are beginning to come alive. 
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